The 2024 Play Nintendo Tour was announced earlier this week - a special traveling event with demos, and other goodies for Nintendo fans. Now, we’ve learned there will be at least one more piece of swag for attendees - a Super Mario themed drawstring bag. The bag is red, and features the core cast of the Mario series looking their best.

In order to get one of those bags for yourself, you’ll have to attend a Play Nintendo Tour 2024 event and have a My Nintendo account. You’ll be able to find a QR code linked to your account in the Nintendo app or web site (or your Switch settings), which employees at the event will then scan. In return, you’ll get 100 Platinum Points, plus the aforementioned bag. Supplies are limited, so if you want one, you’d better plan on getting there early, just in case!

The Play Nintendo Tour 2024 will be visiting 9 different states in the USA beginning on June 13th, 2024. Click here for more info.

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