Clock Tower: Rewind "behind-the-scenes featurette" video

It's time for some behind-the-scenes action!

06 June 2024
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During the Guerrilla Collective 2024 presentation, the development director at Limited Run Games, Joe Modzeleski, gave us a look behind-the-scenes at Clock Tower: Rewind. Wayforward, Sunsoft, and Capcom are also involved with the project. Check out the BTS featurette above and more details on Clock Tower: Rewind below!

Turn back the clock for one of the pioneers of the survival-horror genre. Translated and released outside of Japan for the first time, Clock Tower: Rewind is a revival of the terror-inducing 16-bit classic that dares you to explore the haunting confines of the Barrows family manor. As teenage orphan Jennifer, you must search every disturbing corner to find items, reveal secrets, and discover ways to evade Scissorman, a murderous, unstoppable, shears-wielding psychopath.

Play Original mode to experience Clock Tower as it was when initially released in 1995, or play Rewind mode with extra content and improvements. Additional features include a new animated intro, opening and ending vocal theme songs, motion comics, creator interview, art gallery, border artwork, save states, and a music player. The clock is ticking…can you survive?

Key Features:

  • The survival-horror classic, Clock Tower, officially translated and brought out of Japan for the first time
  • Choose from Original mode or Rewind mode, which features numerous gameplay additions and quality-of-life refinements
  • Run, hide, and survive as you attempt to evade the psychotic Scissorman
  • Atmospheric 2D art, detailed animations, and haunting sound effects augment the tense point-and-click gameplay
  • Multiple endings and randomized gameplay elements maximize replayability (and jump scares)
  • New animated opening, motion-comics with VO, and vocal theme song performed by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
  • Featuring an art gallery, music player, behind-the-scenes creator interview, save states, and other modern inclusions
[Guerrilla Collective]

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