Today Top Hat Studios announced Crypt Custodian a new Zelda-like Metoridvania all about cleaning up the afterlife.

Coming from the mind of veteran game developer Kyle Thompson (Sheepo, Islets) Crypt Custodian tells the story of Pluto, a cat who has unfortunately just passed and sentenced to be the afterlife’s janitor.

While a release date has not been locked in yet, the game is intended to launch sometime this Summer so we will keep you posted on news of the release as soon as it is available.

Until then, you can watch the reveal trailer for the game up above or read a more detailed overview of the game down below.

Crypt Custodian is a charming Metroidvania/Zelda-like about cleaning up the afterlife.

You play as Pluto – a mischievous cat who has just died, and landed in the afterlife’s palace. After a brief and disastrous meeting with the Afterlife Guardian – Kendra – you are banished from the palace and sentenced to clean… FOREVER!!

Explore the vast grounds that surround the palace, battle beasts with your trusty broom, and gain new abilities to expand your map. Solve puzzles, discover secrets, and… organize an ambush to break back into the palace!

Key Features

  • A Charming Cast Of Characters: Meet and befriend all the other bad ghosts who live outside the palace. Learn how they died, and what caused them to face eternal banishment! And then head on over to the local haunt- The Sinner’s Inn- to chat with the ghosts you meet, and upgrade your gear.
  • Tons of Upgrades: Complete puzzles, battle epic bosses, and clean your way through ruined dungeons in order to collect new upgrades and abilities. Customize your play style by mix-and-matching your upgrades, and use the abilities you collect to expand your world.
  • A Lively Interconnected World: Traverse a vast landscape with secrets hiding at every corner. Form your own path and discover the afterlife’s many secrets at your own pace.
[Top Hat Studios]
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