The Acolyte, a brand-new TV series, is the latest bit of Star Wars content out there. You can find the first two episodes of the show on Disney+ right now, and it showcases an adventure that takes place during the era of the High Republic. It’s a piece of Star Wars lore that’s ripe for storytelling, but it’s not the only area outside the main franchise that fans have fallen in love with.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic originally launched for the Xbox all the way back in 2013, but the game eventually made its way to Switch not that long ago. While The Acolyte focuses on the High Republic, KotOR spends its time with the Old Republic, which took place roughly 25,000 years before the battle of Yavin until 1,000 BBY—the longest single era in Star Wars canon. It’s a game that many hold near and dear to their hearts, and now it seems there’s some ever-so-slight interest in taking the game and adapting it to another format.

In an interview with IGN, The Acolyte showrunner Leslye Headland revealed that they’re quite a fan of Knights of the Old Republic. According to Headland, they’ve “always wanted to explore a live-action version of the Knights of the Old Republic game and Kreia’s character.” Again, nothing solid in the works at this point, but Headland said they thought, “it would be a really interesting story to bring to life.”

The Star Wars franchise is branching out in multiple ways in recent years, so anything is possible. If The Acolyte goes over well with fans, you’d have to think KotOR becoming a live-action series would at least be something Disney would talk about. Let’s keep fingers and toes crossed for this idea to pick up some steam!


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