Forgotlings "Shooting Star" Trailer

Look, up in the sky...

07 June 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Forgotlings, a Switch title set for release this year, is a breathtaking cinematic action-adventure set in an enchanted realm inhabited by lost things searching for a purpose. Journey to distant corners of our collective memories and unite warring tribes against a mysterious looming threat to their existence. A wholly original storyworld filled with wonder and imagination awaits your discovery.

Travel the lands as Fig, a gifted posing doll, and captain of the sentient ship Volare

Bandits and critters lurk in the wilderness - Be stealthy or confront enemies head-on

Connect with forgotlings from various tribes through conversation or challenge them to a game of INA - a popular pastime in the world of forgotlings!

Full voice-acting bring characters and moments to life together with a beautifully haunting score featuring the renowned ensemble Theatre of Voices

Choose your destination in your quest to unite all things lost in this semi-open world metroidvania

Thousands of hand-drawn animation frames and beautifully realized environments makes you feel as if you’re playing an animated movie

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