Developer Team D-13 has confirmed that Star of Providence is coming to Switch in Feb. 2025. The game was originally announced for Switch back in August of 2023, and now we know there’s still a decent amount of time to wait. At least we have a new trailer to enjoy!

Star of Providence is a top down action shooter with procedurally generated elements. Explore a progression of floors as you make your way into the depths of the facility, encountering increasingly deadly enemies, fantastic weapons, upgrades, choices and revelations as you venture deeper towards a great and calamitous power.


  • Smooth, gracious, fast action gameplay, tailored to feel good to play.
  • 7 different types of weapons with over 40 unique modifiers and a ludicrous number of combinations.
  • A number of floors with their own layouts, traps and enemies.
  • Intricate and energetic chiptune soundtrack to complement the beat of the action.

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