A new character trailer has been released for Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact, and this one showcases Bisky. Bisky is a small, fast-moving character with high interception performance and a resourceful fighting style using counters.

Using her Aura Arts “I hate what I look like. Way too buff.” and “I can’t restrain my punches when I turn back.” she takes on her “true form,” increasing her defensive and offensive abilities! Her characteristics drastically change between her transformations, allowing you to choose a fighting style that fits your opponent counterplay!

Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact features Three-versus-Three Team Battles of Nen Users. Choose your favorite Nen User characters for the three-versus-three team battle! The compatibility and order of the teammates are the keys to victory! Build the strongest team and battle for victory! The game is set to arrive worldwide in 2024.

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