SEGA open to more Sonic remasters

Sonic 3D Blast remaster, of course

09 June 2024
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Much like every other game company under the sun, SEGA has been working on various remasters for Sonic titles. The latest example of that is Sonic x Shadow Generations, which is set for Switch later this year. While most of the Sonic focus is on that project right now, some fans are wondering if more remasters could be in Sonic’s future, and that does seem to be a possibility.

IGN had the chance to chat with Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka about all things Sonic, which is when they brought up the question of more Sonic remasters. While Iizuka wasn’t willing to commit to anything, his response certainly makes it seem like more classic Sonic outings will get a fresh coat of paint down the road.

When we remastered Sonic Colors and there was Sonic Colors Ultimate, we kind of wanted to think about what we could bring next as a remastered title. At that time, Sonic Generations was kind of what everyone was really excited about, what they really wanted, and was really hungry for. That’s why we chose to do Sonic Generations and we added the Shadow Generations portion. Depending on what people like out there, if there’s a title people like, we’ll think about it for the next remaster.

[Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka]

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