Eager to see more SteamWorld Heist II? In the video feature above, GameSpot are joined by Petter Magnusson, producer on Steamworld Heist II, to talk more about how the team is expanding on the Steam Universe. You also get a heaping helping of gameplay to enjoy as well!

SteamWorld Heist II is a side scrolling strategy game that will feature a bevy of new options for customization, crafting, and honing your personal pirate crew.

In SteamWorld Heist II, players set off on a humorous and thrilling adventure on the high-seas, taking charge as Captain Leeway alongside a ragtag crew of Steambots. Players will explore vast horizons, above and below, as they set sail to solve the mystery of a deadly water crisis that’s causing metal limbs and mechanical hearts to corrode. SteamWorld Heist II plunges players into a handcrafted world with intense turn-based combat, where bullets ricochet with deadly precision, a hilarious cast and story that’s unique for the strategy genre, and a toe-tappingly catchy musical universe.

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