The Rise of the Golden Idol gets a new trailer

Found in the shrine of the silver monkey?

09 June 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The Rise of the Golden Idol is coming to Switch sometime in 2024. While we wait for release date information, a new trailer has been shared and you can give it a watch above.

Three centuries following the unspeakable fate of the Cloudsleys, the legend of the Golden Idol has all but faded. Now it is carried only in small whispers, uttered as an obscene myth. Some are determined for this to change.

The Rise of the Golden Idol follows a tenacious relic hunter on a quest to unearth the powerful artifact that - if the legend is true - can reshape the world. As the observer, you must investigate 15 strange cases of crime, death and depravity. Like before with The Case of the Golden Idol, you are free to investigate however you wish and build your own theory.

You must make sense of a grand mystery that unravels across an age of hallucinogens, fax machines, parapsychology and TV guides. Enlightenment seekers, convicts, chat show hosts and corporate middle management will all have a role to play in the wider mysteries that unfold. Like always, many of these subjects will have their own motives. Some will be carrying more than agendas.

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