When Shadow the Hedgehog was first revealed, the biggest talking point was how the character was all about guns. The gameplay of Shadow the Hedgehog had Shadow blasting away enemies left and right, but the character has definitely moved away from his gun-toting days as the years rolled on. Now we have an answer as to why.

In an interview with VGC about Sonic X Shadow Generations, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka spoke about why Shadow isn’t seen blasting enemies nowadays, and it turns out it’s all because of Shadow’s awesome power.

Yeah, in the games Shadow did use a gun. But when we talk about Shadow, he would use whatever he needed in the moment to get the job done. So he would pick up a gun or ride a bike in order to get the job done – he’s that kind of character.

But he’s also extremely powerful on his own and doesn’t really need a gun or anything because he can do it himself – he is a weapon. So as long as there’s no need for Shadow to use a gun, he will probably not use one.

[Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka]

In another part of the interview, Iizuka stressed that Sonic X Shadow Generations will not feature a Chao Garden. The Chao elements in Sonic X Shadow Generations involve finding Chao hidden in every level. That said, Iizuka is open to bringing back the Chao Garden feature in another Sonic title down the road.


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1M ago

Bit disappointed to hear that. Shadow's gameplay loop was pretty fun specifically because of the guns; no reason why we can't mix those with his new doom powers.