The 2024 Pokémon NAIC gathered thousands of skilled Pokémon Trainers as they battled it out in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, the Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet video games, and the Pokémon GO and Pokémon UNITE mobile games to qualify for the 2024 Pokémon World Championships. After three days of intense competition in New Orleans, the following top players were crowned 2024 Pokémon North America International Champions:

Pokémon Trading Card Game Junior Division:

  • 1st place: Jose Cruz Galindo Resendiz [US]
  • 2nd place: Edison Chein [US]

Pokémon TCG Senior Division:

  • 1st place: Nathan Osterkatz [US]
  • 2nd place: Daniel Magda [CZ]

Pokémon TCG Masters Division:

  • 1st place: Andrew Hedrick [US]
  • 2nd place: Stéphane Ivanoff [FR]

Pokémon Video Game Championship Junior Division:

  • 1st place: Kevin Han [US]
  • 2nd place: Damon Zhu [NZ]

Pokémon VGC Senior Division:

  • 1st place: Joshua Robinson [US]
  • 2nd place: Adam Colson [US]

Pokémon VGC Masters Division:

  • 1st place: Patrick Connors [US]
  • 2nd place: Aurélien Soula [FR]

Pokémon GO:

  • 1st place: OutOfPoket [US]
  • 2nd place: Ashtonash [MX]

Pokémon UNITE:

  • 1st place: Orange Juicers [NA]
  • 2nd place: Nemesis [NA]

If you’d like a more complete breakdown of the participants, brackets and winners, you can find the full details here.

[Press release]

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