While there’s always a ton of work that goes into any videogame, sometimes it’s surprising to see just how in-depth some developers go with their titles. It’s no surprise Nintendo is included in that list, and a new bit of info has shown just how serious they take every single aspect of the Metroid franchise.

A recent episode of the KIWI TALKZ podcast featured a chat with Stephen Hughes, assistant voice director on Metroid Dread. Huges also happened to lend his voice to the Chozo, Quiet Robe. According to Hughes, the Chozo language MercurySteam constructed was based on the syntax of English in order to make it flow easier.

“There is a parallelism there, one of the fortunate things is it’s not like German where the verb is always at the very end of the sentence, when they did the language they kept the syntactical structure pretty much of English in part so that we could say it where it would make some sense and it did but I mean because they kept the same syntax, we could kind of follow the way English would flow but with different words.”

[Stephen Hughes, assistant voice director on Metroid Dread]

In the full interview, Hughes also touches on how Nikki Garcia recorded Samus’ line in one take, and how Quiet Robe’s voice was based on being very breathy and airy. For Metroid diehards or Dread superfans, this interview really is a must-watch.

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