Last weekend, Devolver celebrated Volvy’s birthday in style at Summer Game Fest Play Days in Los Angeles, California. At the party were Roger and Adrian from Neva, Sam from Skate Story, and James from The Plucky Squire, plus Volvy churros, pink Jacket, and a very angry Anger Foot. Happy 15th birthday Volvy!

Devolver also brought another Devolver Direct with them last week, and it was just as wacky, weird and wonderful as you’d expect. This time around, the crew used their unique storytelling methods to showcase new DLC for Cult of the Lamb, plus a bunch of other games for unspecified platforms.

In their Direct, Devolver celebrated Volvy’s 15th birthday through the overactive imagination of mild-mannered superfan Mathew, who delighted gamers around the world with his encyclopedic knowledge of Devolver games and completely normal relationship with their iconic mascot.

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