Monster Hunter Rise fans, your next collectible is here. Just be ready to spend a decent amount of cash on bringing it home.

Union Creative has opened pre-orders their Monster Hunter Rise figures of Hinoa and Minoto on its website. The figures will be available separately, and they’re priced at $112 each. Both of these figures can be purchased through WorldShopping and sent worldwide, which you can access through this link.

Both Hinoa and Minoto are painted and they come with a pedestal for placement. Minoto’s figure measures 10.24 in) while Hinoa is a tad taller at 10.63 in. If you’d like to take a closer look at each figure, you can find them both here.

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1M ago

I see they have the wrong number of fingers. I mean who needs accurate details in a figure right


1M ago


What? Is that a joke? I don't get... Then again I can never keep up with you young peoples and your maymays


1M ago


It's not. Wyverians in Monster Hunter have 4 fingers, these figures have 5. Seems strange to make a figure without actually caring about details.