Our office-appropriate excitement has reached heretofore unseen levels of normalcy now that Larry & Dudunsparce have arrived in Pokémon Masters EX. The Gym Leader of the Paldea region’s Medali Gym may seem like just another run-of-the-mill salaryman, but true fans know Larry is the Exceptional Everyman, making this Normal-type sprint sync pair everything but ordinary.

Larry & Dudunsparce’s Working Man’s Methods passive skill raises their Attack by four stat ranks when they enter a battle, and when they attack, ignores the target’s damage-reducing passive skills. Plus, the pair’s Plain and Simple Trainer move is a good way to begin a battle. This move boosts your team by applying the Move Gauge Acceleration effect to the allied field of play while also raising the Speed of all allied sync pairs by two stat ranks. It also reduces Larry & Dudunsparce’s sync move countdown by one.

Once you’ve had the duo use one move, you can fire off their powerful Bullet Speed Hyper Drill buddy move, which never misses. In addition to dealing damage, this attack also lowers the target’s Defense by two stat ranks and their Normal Type Rebuff by one rank. It even applies the Free Move Next effect to Larry & Dudunsparce, so their next attack won’t deplete the move gauge.

Speaking of Type Rebuffs, Larry & Dudunsparce’s Rebuff Reducing Hit (Weakness) passive skill lowers the target’s Type Rebuff of its weakness type by one rank the first time the user’s attack is successful each battle. These lowered Type Rebuffs will prove extra useful as they activate the pair’s Opp Rebuff ↓: Team Moves ↑ 2 passive skill, which powers up the attacks of all allied sync pairs when attacking a target with a lowered Type Rebuff. Larry & Dudunsparce are always looking out for their cowork—erm, teammates.

For more details on this sync pair’s passive skills and moves, check out Larry & Dudunsparce’s in-game sync pair scout screen. Larry & Dudunsparce are available to scout from June 13, at 11:00 p.m. PDT to July 10, 2024, at 10:59 p.m. PDT.

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