We’ve actually been talking quite a bit about the Pokémon Fit plush series lately, which we know as Pokémon Sitting Cuties. We recently learned that as of tomorrow, Pokémon Center locations in Japan will be expanding the line with a whopping Kalos Region Pokémon. Today it turns out there’s even more in the works than we first thought!

The Pokémon Fit series is also going to see the release of a Vivillion plush, but fans are going to have quite a tough time picking out which option to go with. Believe it or not, 20 different variations of Vivillon will be available, all of them based on designs that you find in Generation VI games.

Each of these Vivillon plushes are priced at roughly $17.50 and will be in stock at Pokémon Center locations tomorrow. Sadly, there’s no word on a release outside of Japan at this time, but one seems likely down the road.

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