Nintendo has finally announced that Metroid Prime 4 will be releasing sometime in 2025, and have given it a new subtitle: Beyond. This is the newest adventure for Samus in the Metroid Prime series. Stay tuned for more info, screenshots, and footage from Metroid Prime 4: Beyond.

The galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter Samus Aran will embark on a new mission. Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, a new entry in the Metroid Prime series, is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2025.

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24d ago

Looks to be a classic Metroid Prime gaming experience through and through. While some might be disappointed with the lack of series progression, I for one am relieved to know that we’re going to get a new, solid, proper Metroid Prime game after so many years. And it’s for Switch not Switch 2! Incredible.


24d ago

Metroid Prime 4. Wow! I can't hardly believe the day has come for a preview!


24d ago

It looks REALLY nice. I noticed Samus scanned an enemy without switching to a new visor, and I like that. And I'm pretty sure that was Sylux we saw in the blue armor, which means we're going to get to see some characters from the Metroid universe. What an exciting game to look forward to! I wish it would get here sooner.


23d ago

I have mixed feelings, in one hand it looks truly metroid primeish, music, artstyle graphics and gameplay. On the other hand o hoped for diferent mechsnics and better graphics. But ill guess switch cannot be pushed anymore, and the game is 60fps so... thats why i wanted to be a switch 2 exclusive bit oh well. Maybe later trailers will show new and cooler stuff


23d ago

So happy to see this finally happen! It really looks sick and classic enough, just what I was looking forward to! But so far we don't know anything, hoping to know more in the future.
2025 looks promising. All hail Retro!


23d ago


It's definitely a small, vertical slice trailer to show that the game is alive. I expect a fall 2025 or later release.