Publisher Daewon Lab Media and developer CRT Games have launched Snow Bros. Special on Switch as of today. The digital version of the game is priced at $19.99, while the packaged version is $29.99. The physical version of the game is being published by Clear River Games and contains an instruction manual, three sticker sheets, and the “Monster Challenge” DLC.

Snow Bros. was a platform arcade game released back in 1990 by a Japanese studio called Toaplan. You play as two heroes, Nick and Tom (2 players), and go through 50 stages that increase in difficulty the further you advance. You defeat enemies by throwing snowballs at them and then pushing them until they hit a wall.

Now the game is being revived under the name Snow Bros. Special, which includes a visual upgrade and a “Monster Challenge” DLC, which will allow you to play as the monsters in the game with special moves and control.

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