Flynn’s Arcade has announced that they’re bringing the twin-stick shooter “Satryn DX” to the Switch on July 18th, 2024. The title will be available for $7, but you can snag a 20% discount during the launch week.

In Satryn DX, save your friends to increase the score multiplier. The bigger the score, the more power-ups will spawn. I hope your brain enjoys this reward loop.


  • 12 fearsome baddies (not cuddly)
  • 9 power-ups that will make you smile and say “i’m having fun”
  • 5 hazards that add to the chaotic nature of this strange place
  • 60 shiny achievements to collect
  • A manual that reveals helpful hints and useless lore as you discover things
  • The love of your friends makes you stronger
  • Worldwide leaderboard
[Press release]

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