Ninjala Anime Episode 122 now available to stream

The Swordsman & The Soaring Specter

21 June 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The newest episode of the Ninjala anime series has been released online, titled “The Swordsman & The Soaring Specter” The 23-minute episode will be available to view for free until June 27th 2024, so check it out while it’s available! A plot synopsis of the episode reads:

A man named Matsuzaemon wanders into Iga Village from his journey while training. Matsuzaemon seeks to fight the strongest person in the village, so Olu steps up as his opponent. After being defeated by Olu, Matsuzaemon claims he “still needs more training,” so he leaves the village. Olu decides to follow Matsuzaemon after being left unsatisfied with the duel.  Meanwhile, villagers keep hearing a mysterious voice calling out the words “Let’s Play” within Mount Konyaku. Coincidentally, Mount Konyaku is also in the direction Olu was heading towards…

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