Set to launch in just a few weeks, Nintendo World Championships NES Edition appears poised to be this generation’s equivalent of NES Remix. While NES Remix concentrated on the “remix” concept, the upcoming title emphasizes the competitive “Championship” element. Nintendo has crafted a special ad featuring a nostalgic relic: the NES Help Hotline to celebrate its retro roots. Interestingly, this isn’t the hotline’s first revival; it previously returned in 2016 for the launch of the NES Classic.

Check out the full ad here!

UPDATE: Nintendo has shared a second ad in this series. This one features some hotline tips for the Overcome the Underworld challenge from Kid Icarus. Click here to check it out.

UPDATE: Nintendo has shared a third ad in this series. This one features some hotline tips for a challenge in Kirby’s Adventure. You can check it out below.

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