Nintendo’s brand-new museum, dubbed the Nintendo Gallery, was announced over 2 years ago. At that time, Nintendo said they had plans on opening the museum’s doors come 2024, and the more specifically stated March 2024. Obviously that didn’t happen, and we’re still waiting on that opening date.

Nintendo recently offered a little clarification on the delayed opening of the Nintendo Museum. According to Nintendo, the museum is already complete and the company is currently getting ready for opening. Since Nintendo anticipates these preparations will take some time, they shifted the opening to Fall 2024.

While we wait for a more specific date, Nintendo continues to add some bells and whistles to the museum. Case in point, the new flagpole that’s been spotted at the Nintendo Museum, and it’s one Mario fans will no doubt recognize. The flagpole shows Mario hanging on for dear life, as it appears he made a jump for the flag but just barely missed. We’ve all been there, Mario!

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