You might remember a Nintendo-related discussion about actor Danny Trejo popping up a few years back. That’s when we learned that Trejo was spending quite a bit of time with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, just as many of us were. Turns out all these years after launch, Trejo is still loving everything about the game.

Did you know that July 8th is National Video Game Day? It’s true, and Danny Trejo took to social media to let everyone know what his favorite game is for the special occasion. In a very straightforward post, Trejo named Animal Crossing: New Horizons his favorite video game of all-time!

Hopefully Nintendo is paying attention to Mr. Trejo, as I’m sure the two could work on a pretty darn unique collaboration to spread the word on all things Animal Crossing. We know Nintendo loves partnering with celebrities that have a genuine interest in their games, and right now seems like the perfect time to recognize Trejo’s fandom!

Thanks to Nicodarunia for the heads up!

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