The new Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers movie has already proven to be a film stuffed with gaming references, as we’ve already covered an appearance from Ugly Sonic, as well as a nod to the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Turns out there’s yet another gaming reference in the movie, and this one is directly related to Nintendo!

As you can see above, the movie includes a billboard showcasing a fake fighting game, Disney Afternoon Fight Fest. Without a doubt, this is a nod to the Smash Bros. series. The posing of the characters, the game idea, and even the blue and white background lines up nicely with previous Smash Bros. games.

Of course, now that Disney put this joke out into the world, I’m sure plenty of Disney fans would like to see this game actually get made!

Thanks to Piktendo for the heads up!

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2y ago

Me too. I've been playing The Disney Afternoon Collection on my PS5, why isn't a collection of NES games available on Switch Capcom?! I've also been rewatching the 2017 Ducktales, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers on Blu-ray and I got the complete life and times of Scrooge McDuck :D


2y ago

Check that 'bongo games' logo out too 👍