SMITE’s Summer Rewind Live Today with 3v3v3 Mode

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09 July 2024
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Today, Titan Forge Games released the Summer Rewind Update in SMITE bringing back dozens of items and an Adventure mode played as 3 teams of 3, while introducing brand-new Cross-Gen Skins!

Medusa’s Deathmatch Mode

This fan-favorite 3v3v3 mode is finally back for a limited time – survive a shrinking sandstorm and prevail over TWO enemy teams to claim victory!

Joust junkies, rejoice: today SMITE’s 3v3 mode has been made punchier and double-tank teams should cease to be the dominant trend. Designers have been hard at work revisiting Gold & XP gains, Jungle buffs, structures & Titans stats, etc. What’s more, the Demon King has beefed up. He won’t be beaten by a single God anymore so you’d better plan his takedown as a team.

Enroll your two best mates and jump in – the Summer Rewind Update is an invaluable boon for teams of three!

New & returning iconic items

SMITE Year 11 is all about experimentation meeting nostalgia. True to that spirit, today’s update revives a dozen classic SMITE items in the wake of June Mid-Season mayhem around Tier 2 items.

Frontlining the fray, good old Hastened Fatalis is back and is now the only way to get the unique Haste buff. As to Ichaival, Shifter’s Shield, Ancile—these are but a sample of all the other returning favorites. A whole new ‘tree’ of defensive items is now available with a new Tier 1 item at its root: Rebound Buckler. Many of the items brought back have undergone balance changes to readapt them to the current equilibrium.

Time for players to experiment and redefine the meta once again with the Summer Rewind Update!

New Cross-Gen Pass: Court of the Charmed

Each SMITE update means a new Cross-Gen Pass with two Skins also unlocked in SMITE 2. Today marks the launch of the Court of the Charmed Pass! As soon as you purchase the Pass, you can play as Court Archer Cupid. SMITE matches make you progress along the Pass towards its final reward, Court Charmer Aphrodite. Both Skins are Cross-Gen, meaning they will also be unlocked in SMITE 2 as soon as they are available.

The Immortal Honor year-long event also moves forward introducing two Cross-Gen Skins for Mulan and Medusa. Last but not least, Mr. Squish Ymir is here in the new Squishy Chest put together in his honor.

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