Arcanine is a loyal companion to Trainers all around the world of Pokémon, and now it’s here in our world as a jumbo Poké Plush that faithfully recreates its fluffy fur, bold stripes, and strong yet kind expression. Place it on your bed or couch and give it a big hug, or display it as a guardian who always keeps a watchful eye on your home or office.

This massive Arcanine plush measures about 27 ½ inches high and 59 inches wide, and includes embroidered facial features and paw pads. The plush is made of a polyester/ethylene-vinyl-acetate/acrylic blend and weighs 11.5 pounds.

This super-sized Arcanine doesn’t come cheap, as the price tag sits at a whopping $450. If that’s a price you can stomach and you plan on locking your purchase in, please note that the plush won’t ship until sometime in mid February 2025. You can check out a gallery of pics for this ginormous plush on the Pokémon Center website.

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