The Duets Guide awaits you in Aviary Village where you will unlock the Season of Duets’ new area: the Aviary Village concert hall. Once you access backstage, find a room with colorful outfits, instruments, accessories, and musical decor that capture your favorite parts of the story.

As the Season progresses, you’ll meet a second Spirit and unlock a brand new emote that you can use with friends. A special song will be woven through the quests and memories that you experience. Complete these quests to discover the special meaning this holds—and yes, dive into Sky’s music feature along the way.

The Duets Guide also brings several items in their Friendship Tree: Season Pass holders have the chance to unlock three Ultimate Gifts, and a mask can be unlocked for regular Candles even after the Season ends.

Season of Duets invites you to experience even more of Sky’s instruments and music features. Players of any skill level can try their hand at solos and—naturally—duets with friends and fellow players, too!

Restore the new seasonal area to its former glory, and it offers you a magnificent stage. This stage once hosted some of the realm’s most beloved musicians. Now it’s opened to Sky children of all music experience levels!. Take to the stage with your instrument choice, and you can share your favorite songs with friends in an area made especially for your music to shine.

Season of Duets is all about discovering ways to bring meaningful musical experiences to life, Even the simplest of melodies can create connections between Spirits, you, and your fellow Children of the Light. On July 15th, pick up an instrument, take to the skies, and let your music soar!

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