Nintendo has uploaded a mysterious video titled “Emio” across multiple regions, hinting at a new M-rated game for the Nintendo Switch. The teaser includes the hashtag #WhoIsEmio but offers no additional details. The Japanese text at the end of the video seems to translate to “Smiling Man.”. The Japanese trailer links to a teaser website which you can view here.

If you cannot view the video above then check out the ones from the other regions:

UPDATE: Emio is rated MA 15+/Restricted 13 in Australia for:

  • Strong Themes
  • Violence
  • Suicide References/Themes
  • Cruelty
  • Domestic Abuse

UPDATE 2: The IGN Nintendo Voice Chat podcast discussed the reveal of Emio, and while they don’t have any concrete details, they claim to have the inside scoop on who’s not involved. According to the discussion in Ep. 718, IGN says they “have reputable sources who say it’s probably not a Bloober Team game.”

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4d ago


Didn't see this coming!

I want this to be a game starring Waluigi that isn't about dancing....or it could be about dancing too I guess.

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4d ago

Switch's successor aimed at M demographic confirmed!


4d ago

Go home Nintendo, you're drunk! 😅


4d ago

Most likely the game Bloober Team just mentioned days ago, so I'm out


4d ago

I'm just gonna make the claim now: This is the spiritual successor to that Sadness project from the Wii era. It just took 22 years to finally get it moving.