Thief Simulator 2, the new installment of the best-selling game combining stealth, simulation, and adventure in a mafia-thief world, will be released on Nintendo Switch. The simulator was previously released on PC. Thief Simulator 2 is a game developed by CookieDev and Ultimate Games S.A., known for popular series like Ultimate Fishing Simulator and Electrician Simulator.

Games in the Thief Simulator series are among the most popular simulators in recent years, with total sales on PC and consoles reaching several million units. The second installment is rated even better by players than the first one. Currently, on the Steam platform, the percentage of positive reviews reaches up to 90% (out of over 35,000 opinions).

Thief Simulator 2 combines stealth, simulation, and adventure in a mafia-thief world. It’s a first-person perspective (FPP) game offering two game modes (story and free mode). According to the developers, the new installment improves on mechanics and elements appreciated by players, while adding a lot of new features and focusing more on realism.

Gameplay in Thief Simulator 2 is based on various activities including observation, planning, action, and then covering tracks and liquidating loot. The simulator offers two large locations with dozens of homes and special places like a resort and a gold-holding bank. In thieving activities, players can use a wide range of tools (including crowbars, binoculars, surveillance drones, and hacking tools). As emphasized by the developers, Thief Simulator 2 offers around 20 hours of fun in a mafia-thief world.

Thief Simulator 2 – main features:

  • new installment of the best-selling simulator;
  • improvements and new features;
  • two game modes (story and free mode);
  • expanded character development system;
  • diverse and extensive locations;
  • wide selection of equipment (from crowbars to new technologies);
  • multiple paths to the goal.
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