Brace yourselves for the ultimate hamster adventure! We Dig Games, in collaboration with Mass Creation, is excited to release “Hamster Playground” version 1.0 on Switch today as a Free-to-Play title.

“Hamster Playground” invites players into a vibrant world of adorable hamsters and endless possibilities. Decorate your Hamster House, style your furry friends, train them, and gear up for thrilling races against other players in various online multiplayer mini-games.

Version 1.0 of “Hamster Playground” introduces exciting new features, including fresh mini-games, an array of new customization items for your hamsters and their home, and engaging quests that offer rewards upon completion. Players can expect an enhanced experience with a host of fresh content and surprises!


  • Experience laid-back competition with a single button, yet prepare to break a sweat!
  • Race AI-driven hamsters in mazes and on drag strips, and other challenging mini-games
  • Enjoy multiplayer modes, competing with up to 4 players locally or online.
  • Develop your hamsters’ abilities and skillsets to take on higher-level opponents.
  • Expand and furnish your hamsters’ house to create the mansion they deserve.
  • Customize your hamsters with over 100 cosmetic items and enjoy detailed graphics and cute animations throughout the game.

In addition to the free-to-play content, several add-on packs and items will be available for purchase separately to spice up your hamster’s life. These include the cosmetics packs for hamsters (Ancient Pack and the Conquerors Pack for launch), and various themed packs (Hamster City, Kawaii, Spooky House, and Doll House for launch) which gives players access to various jobs, items for your hamsters and your home. Moreover, new mini-games such as Beware the Cat, Vehicle Pull, Skateboard Racing, and Eating Contest can also be added to enhance your experience, and all will be available for launch.

Virtual currency (Diamonds), which was part of the game during Early Access, will continue to be available for purchasing cosmetics and other in-game items. More content updates are scheduled to be released later this year.

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