The North American website for Splatoon 3 shows that the game supports cloud saves, but it seems there’s a bit more to the story than that.

If you hop over to Splatoon 3’s eShop listing, you’ll also see a mention of cloud saves. That mention includes a caveat though, as it says this cloud save ability only pertains to offline play. While most play the Splatoon series for online play, there is indeed some lengthy single player content, and it seems that’s where the cloud save compatibility comes in.

While it’s disappointing that Splatoon 3 doesn’t have blanket cloud saves, this is a step up from Splatoon 2, which didn’t include support for the function at all. Maybe once Splatoon 4 rolls around, we’ll get full-on cloud saves!

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2y ago

If the offline save includes everything relating to the single player campaign, wouldn't that include:

-campaign progress
-obtained weapons
-earned consumables (I think some were in 2's campaign levels)

The only thing it wouldn't save is maybe your ranked battle ranking and experience level, which really is meaningless, overall.

I can't think of anything else you'd want to save in the cloud, anyway.

The single player and multiplayer have different weapons though.
I'd certainly like to save obtained weapons and gear too.


2y ago


Ah, true, I forgot the mutli-player weapon loadouts aren't available in the single-player campaign.

I think it would be best if the Splatoon team just let you backup everything, but perhaps it's just because I'm not too picky about gear and weapons (it wouldn't take that long to get back to the point where you can buy each main weapon type), the lack of cloud saves doesn't bother me much.


2y ago

sounds good to me, next up, offline bots!