While Legend of Zelda fans around the world have tons of content to enjoy, there’s some pieces of series history that never left Japan. Some of it has been lost to time, but the gang behind History of Hyrule have been working hard to try and archive the last remaining pieces.

History of Hyrule’s latest success story is a Japan-only 1992 choose-your-own-adventure book titled The Legend of Zelda: The Triforce of the Gods. This is the final installment in a Zelda choose-your-own-adventure series, and it follows the story of A Link to the Past, but with some notable differences. Most importantly, you can bring about these changes from the game by choosing your own path through this book!

While this book never officially made it outside of Japan, Zelda fans can now enjoy it through an link. Nintendo sometimes swoops in to take this content down, but you never know which pieces of work they decide are worth fighting over, and what ones they’ll leave alone. For now, the archived version of this Legend of Zelda history can be enjoyed here.

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