Our Chocobo GP review went over the game’s microtransactions in considerable detail. While the core gameplay is quite a joy, it’s all muddled a bit by the overabundance of microtransactions. This is something fans noted on launch day, and instantly found a major reason to be concerned.

Chocobo GP’s Prize Pass season pass saw the brunt of player frustration, as the amount of time it would take players to level through it was steep, to say the least. Square Enix was quick to catch the frustration, and took to Twitter with the following message.

Thank you for playing #ChocoboGP. We are sorry that players are currently unable to play the Chocobo GP mode to a satisfactory level, to apologize we have gifted everyone 500 Mythril free of charge. We have also made the prize level settings for the Chocobo GP mode more forgiving, we will share details on this as soon as possible.

Square Enix hasn’t shared specifics on the adjustments they’re going to make, but it’s good to know change is coming. At least fans get 500 Mythril for free while they wait.

Please note that free Mythril expires in Chocobo GP after 5 months, so don’t hold onto yours for too long.


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2+ y ago

Anyone who is only reading the headlines and not opening the articles is missing out on the hilarious subtitles xD


2+ y ago

"Invent a problem, sell the solution" is what the giving of "payed currency" really is, not convinced of a change of direction, gonna be interesting to see sales numbers though.


2+ y ago

Yeah, they changed nothing that actually matters... The issue is that they hid the microtransactions until after launch and put them in a game you have to buy to play.