Motion controls were absolutely crucial to both the experience and success of Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. Those same motion controls are the key component in Nintendo Switch Sports, which makes it crazy to think the game almost didn’t use them!

In a Nintendo internal Q&A, developer Yoshikazu Yamashita reveals that the team did consider a version of Nintendo Switch Sports where players wouldn’t have to swing their Joy-Con around.

…I thought about a lot of things for a while and worked hard on my own. New members joined, and in the process of prototyping, we were conscious of creating something that looked new and different from the past. But we were so conscious of this, that we ended up going as far as having gameplay where you can play without swinging the Joy-Con™ controller. (Laughs)

[Yoshikazu Yamashita]

Obviously Nintendo moved away from this decision at some point, and it certainly seems for the better. I’d imagine Nintendo Switch Sports not using motion controls would be one of the very few games where most gamers would agree that motion controls are the go-to way to play!

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2y ago

No motion controls? That notion sounds preposterous to me. Half the fun of the original Wii Sports was the motion controls. I hope Nintendo's next controller amongst many other things, has better motion controls.