Nintendo and Monolith Soft has given us a look at another character set to appear in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, this time being Valdi, a War Medic (healer). He will be voiced by Yu Kobayashi in Japan, who has dozens of voice acting credits in Japanese media. Check out more information on Valdi below, as translated by @RogeTranslating on Twitter via the Xenoblade English fan-ran account @XenobladeEN.

Valdi is one of the Heroes who can join Noah and the others! He’s quite the support unit, buffing and supporting allies in battle. His class is the “War Medic (Healer),” making him able to heal all allies with ease!

Valdi belongs to the Keves, he’s a mechanic who develops and repairs weapons. The best there is at it! No one loves machinery as much as Valdi, he even names his weapons!


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