Here’s what we know for sure about Mario Strikers: Battle League. Nintendo confirmed that there will be DLC released at a later date, and we can expect more characters down the line. While Nintendo hasn’t shared info on who’ll be added to the roster, the game’s credits might give us a tease.

The list of voice actors in the credits for Mario Strikers: Battle League mentions none other than Nate Bihldorff, senior director of localization at the Nintendo Treehouse. Everyone else in the credits has already been identified as to who they provided voice work for, but there’s no one in the game right now that’s tied to Bihldorff. This is where we have to look at past projects to see what he could be doing.

Years ago, it was confirmed that Bihldorff provides the voice for Shy Guy characters. While Shy Guys do appear in Mario Strikers: Battle League, they don’t seem to make any noise. If they’re not talking, why put Bihldorff in the credits? This could be a tease for Shy Guy being one of the playable characters down the road.

This is all just speculation for now, but at least there’s some logical thinking at play. If we do see Shy Guy announced at some point, we’ll know that this speculation was spot-on!

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2y ago

Armatures over at GameXplain. Any true Nintendo fan knows this is a hint at the "Sploosh" "Kaboom" guy from Wind Waker coming to the game. I can't wait to see his special move. I hope it involves a giant squid.