The information on Digimon Survive has been coming hot and heavy in the last few weeks. With the game set to launch on July 29th, 2022, there’s not much time left to detail what the experience has to offer.

The latest round of information from Bandai Namco breaks down a new character, as well as some overall story details. First up, let’s take a look at an unnamed Professor who you’ll cross paths with.


This Professor, seen above, is a key character who will share details on the folklore that drives this game. This man is an associate professor in a local private college, and his studies into folklore and mythology led to the academic council labeling his works as heresy. The Professor believes that other-worldly paranormal phenomena go beyond the limits of traditional science, and the key to figuring out these mysteries is locked behind legendary texts spread around the region.

The Professor will be working alongside the many kids in Digimon Survive through story portions, along with appearances on the battlefield. There will be times when your partner Digimon will have to protect the Professor from enemy attacks.


In terms of story progression, we learned that when the player has to choose a response during story conversations, the choice will generate a color that moves the Karma Diagram. Whatever the dominant color is in your Karma Diagram will dictate the path the story takes. The Karma Diagram colors break down as such:

  • Red: Morality (Vaccine-type)
  • Green: Harmony (Data-type, e.g.: Agumon digivolves to Tyrannomon)
  • Yellow: Fury (Virus-type)

Digimon Survive will have 12 story chapters with a route decision lock starting from Chapter 8. In other words, the decisions you make up to Chapter 8 will set your path in stone for the finale. Finally, an additional fourth route will open up for second and subsequent playthroughs.

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