The remaster of the PS2 action stealth game, Kamiwaza: Way of the Thief, was previously announced to be releasing in Japan on October 13th, 2022 and while a western release was indeed confirmed around that time, we were left in the dark on exactly when it would be available. Now, publisher NIS America and developer Acquire have revealed that Kamiwaza: Way of the Thief will launch on October 11th in North America and October 14th in Europe.

A brand new gameplay trailer has also been shared, which you can check out above. Additional details on the title can be found below.

On the streets of Mikado, only the tough survive. For one man, a heist gone wrong would change his life forever.

Set during the Edo period of Japan, Kamiwaza stars amateur thief Ebizo, who aspires to steal from the rich and give to the poor. During his first stint, however, he and his mentor, Ainosuke, witness their own men take the lives of innocent civilians. Disillusioned by the horrific display of violence, Ainosuke advises Ebizo to escape with the only survivor—a lone girl.

A decade later, Ebizo has held fast to his morals, living an honest and fulfilling life with Suzuna, the young girl he took in as his own daughter. But the illusion of security is shattered once Suzuna falls ill. In order to buy the medicine she desperately needs, Ebizo is faced with a heavy financial burden. Conflicted, Ebizo is forced to return to the underbelly of Mikado, but vows only to steal for the sake of those less fortunate.

Will you walk the path of honor, even as a thief? The choice is yours to make.

Key Features

  • History in the Making – Your decisions as a thief will determine your future with multiple branching storylines.
  • Fancy Footwork – Avoid enemy detection with stealthy action gameplay and build up your reputation!
  • Family First – What lengths would you go to for those you hold dear? Familial bonds will be put to the test in this uniquely heartwarming tale.

Other Features

  • Experience the remastered edition of the original PlayStation 2 title for the first time in the west.
  • Enjoy a flexible approach to stealth with unique gameplay that allows you to steal everything in sight and slip by enemies unnoticed.
  • Use your finest evasive maneuvers to avoid enemy detection, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your strategies.

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