Newly-founded indie developer Ephemeral Cube has announced their very first game, a 3D rhythmic puzzle-packed action mashup titled Project Timi: Sasha’s Curse. It is currently scheduled to be released for Nintendo Switch sometime in 2023. Check out the trailer for Project Timi: Sasha’s Curse above and details below.

Welcome to Lucity Town

Project with Timi into the dreams of Lucity Town’s children in a very unique rhythmic puzzle-packed action game mashup! Join forces with a mysterious penguin guide to help save Lucity Town from Sasha’s Nightmare Curse.

Rhythmic beat downs

Use the rhythm of the music to place magic traps, fight scary creatures, explore the dream worlds and unveil all the secrets that are hidden in Lucity Town. Project Timi: Sasha’s Curse is about tight gameplay, fresh mechanics, beautiful landscapes to explore, and mazes to solve. Groove your way as you cleanse nightmare creatures with your magic traps, obtain new abilities, and battle challenging bosses that will test your reflexes and rhythm skills.


Use Timi’s ability to project into people’s dreams and explore unique nightmare-themed levels. Find your way through the darkness of Night in the Woods, crawl through the chocolate alleys in Sugar Cane Street, immerse yourself in the abstract and ever-changing Neon Arcade Effect realm, and much more! Discover the unknowns of Lucity Town’s children’s nightmares.

  • Discover and fight a diverse set of nightmare creatures that inhabit the dream realms.
  • Walk, Run, Swim, and Slide your way through the levels. Collect the diamonds, find the secret books and clear each level by finding the golden puzzle piece!
  • Solve puzzles, play musical minigames, find treasure, and uncover all the secrets hidden within the nightmare realms.
  • Obtain new abilities to aid Timi to defeat nightmare creatures, finding hidden treasure, and solving puzzles.

Use Windy Traps to lift Timi (or anything else!) flying through the air, your Magic Bubble to provide safety against Nightmare Dust, detonate Potion Explosions to break through the toughest shields, and other abilities that will aid you through the adventure.

Challenging Bosses

Each of the nightmare realms is guarded by a challenging boss. Learn the patterns, find their weaknesses and beat (on the beat!) the bosses to cleanse the nightmares; Vanishing Sasha’s Curse from the dream realm!

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