Neon White’s launch is a big deal for New York-based electronic artist Machine Girl, as it’s the first time they’ve ever worked on a game soundtrack. Machine Girl certainly knows how to craft music on its own, but putting together music for a game is a whole different experience.

In an interview with Fanbyte, Machine Girl explained their approach to the project, and what they were aiming to offer up for players.

“I tried to keep the songs pretty involved and evolving; Like, they aren’t just simple techno loops, repeating over and over again. They’re kind of all over the place, there’s so much of it, and are always changing genres. My production process is very ADD, and my objective is to keep the music engaging. I want it to catch you off guard. We’ll see how much I succeeded in that, because it’s gonna be like something that will only be known once a bunch of people play the game, and then we’ll see if people are like ‘Oh my god, I can’t listen to this fucking loop one more time.’”

[Machine Girl]

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