Mario Strikers Battle League is a good game, but it’s not perfect. The tutorial is great for learning how to play the game, but even then it gets a bit confusing on how shooting goals works. I press up and the ball goes left, I press left and the ball goes up, what gives!

Reddit user sophisticated-stoner probably thought the same, which is why they put together a really useful visual aid to help you guide yourself in how to shoot for the goal. Check it out below:


As you see here, from your point of view, if you move the stick to the left, you’ll be aiming for the top middle part of the goal; if you move it up, you’ll be aiming for the left side of the goal and so on.

Hopefully this will make it easier to know what you are doing when trying to score a goal.

Thanks again to sophisticated-stoner on Reddit for their efforts!


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2y ago

Pretty handy. That should help some. And this game isn't as pick-up-and-play as some have said. Started it up with no tutorial and got creamed 0-5. Went through the tutorial and behold...the next game won 13-10.


2y ago

I had no trouble understanding the shooting mechanism, but it’s sure pretty handy, anyway.

This games is the perfect example of “easy to learn, hard to master” mantra. I’ve played 100+ matches so far, and I still learn more and more each time.

I’m really loving it, but I can’t help myself while I still complain for the lack of content. I hope Nintendo populate with more stuff and promote it again.

But Nintendo should stop launching incomplete games. Seriously.