The Pokémon Company has revealed that they will release new merchandise based on the 10 evolution stones; these stones will be sold in multiple forms, including pouches, plushies, message cards, and more. You can buy them starting from June 25th, 2022, in Japan; they will also be available via the Pokémon Center Store.

On the other side, U-Treasure, known for their jewelry, have released their “Monster Ball Diamond.” A diamond cut in a shape of a Poké Ball. Compared to a normal brilliant-cut diamond, which has 58 facets, this one has 143 facets. According to U-Treasure, the diamond looking like a Poké Ball signifies a new adventure with your spouse.

This is marketed for engagement rings, so you’ll have to buy the ring separately; you can get your hands on one right now from the U-Treasure Store; the diamond will cost you around 313,500 yen (about $2,339 USD).

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