Is there a No More Heroes movie in the works? There’s absolutely no indication that one is, but that hasn’t stopped Suda51 from dreaming up the perfect team for a silver screen adaptation.

In an interview with Shacknews, Suda51 shared a bit of dream casting for a No More Heroes movie, should there be one. Suda has some pretty interesting picks, which you can see in his comments below.

“[For Travis Touchdown,] I’d probably go with Ryan Gosling. And as director, I’d probably go with James Gunn. Conversely, if we were going to go with a Japanese director, then I’d want to go with Takashi Miike.”


Gosling isn’t the first actor I’d think of when casting Travis Touchdown, but I can definitely see what Suda is getting at. As for Gunn as Director, I think that’s a perfect pick! Gunn definitely has a style that would fit extremely well with No More Heroes, and you can see that on display in Peacemaker. Furthermore, Suda51 and Gunn have worked together in the past, as the duo was invovled with Lollipop Chainsaw.

Would a No More Heroes movie ever happen? It certainly seems like the franchise is a bit too niche for that, but I guess stranger things have happened!

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2y ago

Suda51 can keep on dreaming. There's no way I can see a No More Heroes movie being made. Do you know what's most depressing about this story though? The same predictable names as options. As I said in another story yesterday about voice actors, a planet of ~8 billion people, and 🥱🥱🥱.


2y ago

I thought the whole purpose of NMH3 was to pitch a movie to Miike?


2y ago

I think the movie that's closest to the No More Heroes vibe is Pulp Fiction.


2y ago

No love for Lou Diamond Phillips? I will not be seeing this hypothetical movie.