NES Works looks back at Super Mario Bros. and BattleCity

One you've played and one you haven't

22 June 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

One of these games needs no introduction, while another never saw a localization. Super Mario Bros. became an industry legend by practically giving birth to the modern-day platformer, and cemented Mario as a household name. Battle City is a multi-directional shooter that landed on the Famicom, and was a successor to Namco’s 1980 Tank Battalion. A fun little title that sadly never had a chance to shine outside of Japan.

In today’s episode of NES Works Gaiden, Jeremy Parish takes a deep look at both games in order to chronicle their part of gaming history. Plenty has been said about Super Mario Bros. over the years, but its importance simply can’t be understated. Battle City might not be an important title, but it’s still an enjoyable experience that’s worthy of remembering.

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