Video reimagines Elden Ring as a SNES game

If only it were playable...

23 June 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Elden Ring may not be on Nintendo platforms, but fan sure like imagining it is. We first saw a fan-made, playable port of Elden Ring to the Game Boy, and now we have a video that reimagines Elden Ring as a Super Nintendo game.

Unlike the Game Boy version of Elden Ring, this SNES outing isn’t playable. Instead, it’s simply a bit of animated pixel art that aims to recreate Elden Ring with the look and feel of a Super Nintendo title. It certainly does the job, as this video offers a game very much in the style of what you’d expect from Square Enix back in the day.

An official demake of Elden Ring will likely never come along, but hopefully projects like this help developers realize that there are still legions of fans out there who love to see games in classic pixel style. Today’s hardware may be capable of much more than pixel-pushing, but there’s still something to be said for this somewhat dying art.

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