Into the Breach was a critical darling when it first launching, garnering all sorts of praise and awards for its excellent take on turn-based strategy. While the base game offered more than enough fun, developer Subset Games has announced that even more content is on the way with a free update.

An ‘Advanced Edition’ free update is coming on July 19th, 2022, and it brings with it a wealth of new content, tweaks, and more. You can see a complete breakdown of what’s included in this update below.

  • New Mechs and Weapons: Five new mech squads and nearly forty new weapons.
  • New Challenges: More enemies, more bosses, and more mission objectives that add additional challenge and variety to any run.
  • New Pilot Abilities: The expanded roster includes four new pilots and triple the amount of skills any pilot can earn through promotions.
  • Adding support for 7 more languages: Arabic, Thai, Swedish, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, and Spanish (Latin American).

Along with that, a physical edition is making its way to Switch as well! This version will launch on Oct. 21st, 2022, and is priced at just $35. Here’s what you can expect to find in the package.

  • Into the Breach game card
  • two sticker sheets
  • folded poster
  • reversible cover art
  • color instruction booklet

If this seems like a physical release you want to add to your collection, grab yourself a pre-order here.

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