While plenty of game characters and franchises have come and gone over the years, a handful have remained popular since their inception. Sonic the Hedgehog is certainly one of those long-lasting faces, and an argument could be made about Sonic being more popular than ever nowadays.

What is it that makes Sonic such an endearing character? spoke with SEGA’s Jasmin Hernandez to find out.

Since Sonic’s origination, the Blue Blur and friends quickly became beloved video game characters due to their uplifting and personable characteristics, fun demeanors and so much more. Over the years, at SEGA we’ve strived to deliver games and experiences that reflect Sonic’s positive personality, and one that fans around the world can resonate with. Since then, we’ve seen Sonic grow beyond video games, spanning from film to plushies to animations and more, but despite where Sonic is found, Sonic and his friends’ lovable and enduring personalities have always shined through. We hope to push the boundaries when it comes to Sonic, and always strive to make our fan base proud.

The latest release featuring the Blue Blur is Sonic Origins, which gives us a new way to enjoy classic Sonic games. It also packs in over 5 minutes of new animated content, which seems to be a trend for recent Sonic releases. Can we expect future installments to include more animated features? SEGA’s Jasmin Hernandez spoke about that as well.

We take every project as we go, but animations have increasingly become more and more important to the SEGA family following the positive reception we’ve received from our fans. Moving forward, fans will have to wait and see, but we would love to continue to create beloved animations for our audience while continuing to stay true to Sonic’s roots. We truly aim to satisfy our dedicated fanbase and community and similar to the Blue Blur himself, anything is possible.

[SEGA's Jasmin Hernandez]

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