Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp received a brand new update yesterday which boasts a lot of exciting new features. The standout of this new update is making a previously existing feature free for all players: The warehouse. The warehouse is an essential space for Animal Crossing collectors (aka hoarders), providing thousands of spaces for extra items.

Previously available only as part of the Pocket Camp Club Furniture & Fashion Plan which cost $7.99 a month, this functionality is now free for all players. Anyone who already paid for the warehouse will be receiving a special consolation gift of a Terrain Exchange Ticket, plus thirty Leaf Tickets per month they were subscribed to the plan.

In addition to the warehouse, this update also makes storage easier by providing a third floor option for player cabins, allowing you to save more outfits, and more! For the complete list of changes from this update, see below.

The Warehouse is Now Free: The Warehouse Feature is now available for free to all players!

  • Also, the number of things you can store has been increased!
  • You can now save a maximum of 16,000 kinds of furniture and outfits.
  • Depending on your device, you may see improved device functionality by storing furniture and outfits in the warehouses and reducing the number of items in your inventory. Please try it out.
  • For more details about the availability of the warehouse feature, please see the Inventory Limit for Furniture (Updated) (Note: This is a separate in-game announcement post).

Pocket Camp Club Powers Up! The Pocket Camp Club Furniture & Fashion Plan is getting an upgrade!

  • The number of Saved Outfits and Saved Sets you can save has been increased.
  • A new item, terrain exchange ticket, is here!
  • By participating in seasonal events starting in July and onward, you can obtain it as an exclusive Furniture & Fashion Plan bonus. It’s a wonderful item that can be exchanged for your favorite campsite terrain options. Please try it out!

Third Floor for the Cabin: A third floor has been added to the cabin! The third floor will be available starting at level 65.

Seasonal Bugs & Fish Summer creatures will now appear in your recreation spots!

Other Updates

  • You can now Auto-Trek multiple maps at once in Blathers’s Treasure Trek.
  • You can now sell maps for Bells in Blathers’s Treasure Trek.
  • Note: Some maps, such as animal maps, cannot be sold.
  • You can now receive multiple gifts in a row.
  • Fishing Tourney trophies can be sold at the Market Place, and you can export them via Gulliver’s Ship.
  • Adjustments have been made so that some items that cannot be held will be sold automatically.
  • Adjustments have been made to the on-screen display and to some design elements.
  • To show our appreciation for your patience during this update, we have a gift for you! Please be sure to pick it up from your mailbox (before 7/22/22): Leaf Ticket × 20

Additional Notes

  • We have swapped out some bugs and fish at each recreation spot. To check creatures after the change, check “Found here” at each recreation spot on the Map.
  • Along with different creatures appearing, the following adjustments will also be made.
  • You may have to catch different creatures to fulfill animal requests.
  • You may obtain different creatures from balloons that appear on the Map.
  • Catch rates of nets and honey will change. For more information, please see the Appearance Rates screen under the Details button before using any nets or honey.

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2y ago

it'd have been nice if New Horizons got as much love as this game, even if neither are all that good IMO.