Elizabeth Swann revealed for Disney Speedstorm

Not gonna lie...I didn't know who this was

15 March 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 5

The official Twitter account for Disney Speedstorm, the upcoming free-to-play racer, has been revealing new characters who’ll pop up in the game. Just today, they’ve lifted the curtain on another racer.

Fans of Pirates of the Caribbean will be happy to see that Elizabeth Swann is joining the cast. She looks quite different in a modern setting, and I’m not too sure driving a car is the same as captaining a ship, but I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it!


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sonic guy00

2+ y ago

After this Chocobo GP mess, I really hope Disney pays attention and doesn't alienate the fanbase on release with hopes of fixing it later like Square is. Its a durn shame too because that Chocobo GP is fun stuff but all the comments on reddit are saying they'll stay away due to all the negative press. Which I guess I cant blame because paying the full price and then being asked for more to get my favorite character is kinda bummy.

Still, I am happy with my purchase as it IS a fun game. Square just needs to chill with their greediness haha


2+ y ago

I'm already on board for this game. This and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC will keep me driving for a while.


2+ y ago

I'll be honest, I usually expect more from Disney. There could have been a lot of ways to modernize the design that would reference the movies enough for her to be recognizable. :(

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Yeah, it really says something that I've seen most of the Pirates movies but still had no idea who that was.


2+ y ago

Haha didn't know who it was either. Thought it might have been from one of those tween Disney Channel shows until I read the article.